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How can I book you for preservation services?

Booking is available on our shop or Etsy page for larger artworks! Small pieces such as ornaments do not require bookings. We open new booking dates each season, generally 3 months at a time.

The date I want is sold out on your etsy page; can I still be squeezed in?

We have a rush option available to accommodate extra orders


How do I send my flowers/items to you?

For a full bouquet piece, you will send the flowers using the fastest shipping you are able to. The sooner I get them the better! Detailed packing and shipping instructions are sent upon purchase of a framed artwork or resin piece.


Can a photo or invitation be included in my frame? 

Yes! Just include it in the shipment with your flowers.


Why did my flowers change color?

Part of what gives flowers their color is the water content! As the flowers must be dried to keep them from decaying, the water is removed and this affects the pigmentation of the dried flower. Some flowers retain color better than others, it just depends on their water content and chemical makeup!


If your flowers are changing color or fading quickly after being dried, it is likely because they are receiving too much light! All flowers will fade over time as they are part of nature, but UV rays cause the pigments to break down much faster.


Do you use every single piece of the arrangement in the design?

We press/dry everything, and then select the pieces that turn out best for the design! 


Will I get to see the design before it is shipped?

For framed artwork, yes! We send a proof for your approval before framing your piece, but for smaller pieces like ornaments we do not send a proof unless specifically requested on the order.


How can I maintain the appearance of my artwork?

See the care instructions here!


I already dried out my bouquet; can it still be made into an artwork?

While it cannot be pressed for framing, it can still be used in a resin piece such as a sculptural block or ornament!


Will my resin piece turn yellow?

While we use the most UV resistant resin currently available, all plastics and resins break down slowly when exposed to UV rays; the less your piece is exposed to direct sunlight, the longer it will stay crystal clear!

Will there be air bubbles in my resin piece?

Possibly! While you shouldn’t see any giant distracting bubbles, certain textures trap air more often than others and may result in some teensy bubbles. It’s part of the process and makes each pour unique!

How do I take care of a resin piece?

See the care instructions here!

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