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Thank you so much for your purchase! Keep in mind that flowers are part of nature, and are therefore unique and unpredictable! While some fading is normal over time, this page features tips for keeping your piece looking beautiful. Thanks again, and let us know if you have any question!

Best wishes,

The Lonely Pine Team


  • Avoid moist or humid areas

Our preservation process is chemical free and relies on quick drying of the flowers to keep them looking fresh. Excess moisture can weaken adhesives and contribute to the growth of bacteria which affects the coloration of flowers and other organic materials.

  • Keep your artwork out of direct light

While your artwork has been coated with a UV protective spray, nothing stands up to light forever! The less your frame is exposed to UV rays, the longer the colors will stay vibrant. 

  • Move the artwork as little as possible

Flowers are adhered to the glass with a ph neutral, acid-free PVA adhesive. This glue is sturdy, but constant motion or harsh movements can loosen the adhesive. 

  • Clean gently

Use a mild glass cleaner and soft cloth to wipe away dust and fingerprints; use light pressure and dry thoroughly before rehanging.




  • Avoid excess heat

Heat can cause warping and premature degradation of the resin.

  • Keep your artwork out of direct sunlight

While we use the best UV graded resin available, nothing stands up to light forever! The less your artwork is exposed to UV rays, the longer the colors will stay vibrant and the longer the resin will stay clear.

  • Resin is tough, but not indestructible!

If your piece gets scuffed, scratched, or dinged you can buff it out with a polishing compound (we recommend Flitz polish!)

  • Clean gently

Use a dry cloth to wipe away dirt and dust;  if necessary, only use a mild soap and water and soft cloth to clean your piece. Using scratchy materials to clean may result in scratches on the surface.

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