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Preservation Services


Framed Florals

Our most popular service! Have your wedding bouquet, memorial flowers, or even a rose from Grandma's garden pressed, dried, and made into a framed artwork you can cherish forever!

Pressed wedding bouquets and memorial flowers are framed in a floating style with clear backing glass and wooden inserts sized to suit your flowers' thickness.

Resin Casting

Resin pieces are ideal for smaller preservations, gifts, and memorial pieces.

Casting can be done 3-dimensionally or as a cast/coating over ceramic, glass, or metal.

A large portion of the molds used for casting are made in-house, and custom mold-making is available if you want an unusual shape!


Personalized Details

Personalized text and foil monogramming are excellent additions to your custom pieces! Add details like a wedding date, a name, or a family monogram to add that extra special touch.

Items such as photographs, invitations, and visitation cards can also be incorporated into designs!


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